"cabinet of obsessions," in glass: a journal of poetry
"gold on the nipples, a foreshadowing" in the hunger
5 poems in menacing hedge
"calaveras big trees" in birmingham poetry review
"footnoting Luce" in juked
"on the grounds of the Hirshorn sculpture..." in tiferet
"the omitted center" in menacing hedge
"gauntlet, kid leather with digital print" in muse/a journal
"the place where you were killed"in bluestem
"em dash--" &"cut stems"& in drunken boat
"stealing Capote's ashes"red booth review 
"--from [It] Incandescent"in requited
"cyclamens & pink jasmine" & "enter@Castello di Vezio" in


"Restless Spirits: an Interview with Cecilia Woloch," Poetry Flash
"The Mentor's Inspired Dedication," Poets & Writers
who took  my nest?" in ceilings & standards
An Interview with Brenda Hillman: The Conversant
"More:  An Interview with Jane Hirshfield," The Writer's Chronicle
"Many White Dresses: Emily Dickinson and Her Biographers,"  
            The Writer's Chronicle​
​"The Guest List:  A Profile of Paul Guest," Poets & Writers
​"Poems from God:  A Conversation with Li-Young Lee," Poets & Writers
​"An Interview with Barbara Kingsolver," Poets & Writers


"UFO," western humanities review

"edie" in red fez

"max's unbearable being.." WSQ

"three views of desiree," storyglossia

"there, now" in silk road, a literary crossroads


Julianna Baggott's Harriett's Seventh Book Of Wonders" in The Rumpus
"Love and Lies" by Clancy Martin: The Rumpus
Before the Crash":  Fiction Advocate
Martha Ronk's  Transfer of Qualities, Colorado Review
Kate Northrop's Clean, Harpur Palate
Melissa Ginsburg's Dear Weather Ghost, The Rumpus
Brenda Hillman's Seasonal Works with Letters on Fire, Colorado Review
Catherine Pierce's The Girls of Peculiar, Cerise Press

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